The module is designed based on Cypress CYW20706 chip. The module size is 14mm*15mm*2.2mm (WLH).

This module is designed with Cypress CYW20706.

The module design contains the peripheral basic circuit of the Bluetooth chip and the peripheral basic circuit of the CODEC. The module is designed with a shielding cover and is designed with a stamp hole method, which is convenient for secondary development. When using the module, an external 2.4G antenna is required. The module has a total of 20 pins and 4 GPIO. It can support, 1×PWM interface, 1×UART interface, 3×10bit ADC interface. It is the best choice to realize the audio transmission solution of walkie-talkie and Bluetooth headset



· Complies with Bluetooth Core Specification version 5.0 including BR/EDR/BLE

· Supports A2DP profile and Serial Port Profile(SPP)

· Excellent receiver sensitivity,RX sensitivity≦-91dB(GFSK, 0.1% BER, 1 Mbps)

· Programmable output power control,the Transmitting power of classic Bluetooth can be up to 12dBm

· Good Bluetooth compatibility, can be connected with most Bluetooth headsets currently on the market

· Supports FW OTA Via the app and UART.

· Supports one channel analog audio output and one channel analog audio input



· Intercom and Bluetooth headset audio transmission solution

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