1. Descriptions

HW203-52A is a module that supports local speech recognition and Wi-Fi networking. It is applicableto story machine, smart toys, smart homes and other products, boasting such advantages as shortdevelopment cycle, simple circuit, cost-effective, etc.

Hw203-52A module integrates a high-performance local voice SoC, integrated with Cortex M0 forapplication layer development and low-power management,equipped with a DSP processor targeted foraudio application, and also integrates multi-channel ADC, DAC and CODEC, and supports AEC (AcousticEcho Cancellation), whichcan realize interruption function and support up to 20 local voice instructions.

HW203-52A module integrates a low-power Wi-Fi chip to provide a high-level embedded IoT-basedntegrated system for equipment. The chip supports all data rates under IEEE 802.11 standard. Thepayload data rates of 802.11b mode are 1, 2, 5.5 and 11mbps. The payload data rates of 802.11g modeare 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 and 54 Mbps. The payload data rates of 802.11n mode MCS0 ~ MCS7 is20MHz.


2. Features

·  Built-in three-kernel CPU, DSP, Cortex-M0, with a dominant frequency up to 320MHz.

·  Wireless Frequency Range:2400~2483.5MHz.


·  Occupied Bandwidth:≤ 20 MHz.

·  RF output connection mode: on-board antenna or External.

·  Sampling rate: 16K/16bit.

·  Support analog microphone.

·  2-channel audio output.

·  Recommended wake-up distance: 3~5m.

·  Recommended background noise during operation: <=60dBC.

·  Default voice skills: weather, encyclopedia, calendar, translation, audio program, alarm reminder, QQmusic, support music content on demand by default etc.


3. Applications

·  IoT application

·  Smart socket (air conditioner companion)

·  Smart speaker (speaker control companion)

·  Massager product

·  Intelligent toy

·  Smart home appliance

·  Story machine

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