PAR2801_P26P is a low power and high performance BLE module. It integrates all the needs as a Bluetooth smart device, which supports up to 18 GPIOs, PWM, I2C, UART, ADC and SPI.The PAR2801_P26P is build up based on the PAR2801QN-GH chip, which is highly integrated with ARM® Cortex®-M0 processor, Bluetooth Low Energy v4.0 baseband control core, ROM, Flash, Bluetooth Modem,  Radio Transceiver, on-chip Balun and digital interfaces for the BLE application. The Cortex M0 can operate at 32MHz clock rate for heavy thread Computing application, and can also operate at lower clock rate for simple data communication purpose.PAR2801QN-GH has DCDC converter built-in to provide full-solution SoC for stand-alone wireless application such as HID and Wearable devices.



· Based on PixArt’s PAR2801 BLE SoC

· Fully qualified BluetoothLow Energy 4.0 peripheral device

· Cortex M0 32-bit MCU with max. 32MHz clock rate

· Low power and excellent performance of 2.4GHz transceiver with built-in balun

· 2 channel 10-bit SAR ADC

· Highly integrated SOC with 128kB Flash and 80kB SRAM

· No external loading capacitors is needed with built-in 16MHz and 32.768kHz crystal oscillator circuit and loading capacitors

· Built in 32MHz and 32.768kHz RC oscillator

· Quadrature Decoder

· DCDC converter, Buck Mode

· Communication interface options

· Master I2C x2

· Master Two/Four-Wire SPI x2

· UART x2

· Digital peripherals

· LED x3

· PWM x3



· IoT Devices

· HID peripherals

· Health and Fitness wearable device

· Interactive entertainment device

· Home and industrial automation

· Security/Proximity applications



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