BW1684-PCIEB is a single-band(2.4GHz) 4*4 Wi-Fi 6 module.

The module enables the development of advanced high-efficiency wireless Wi-Fi 6 access points, repeaters,and WLAN client solutions. Wi-Fi 6 introduces Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access(OFDMA) to enhance the multi-user experience. It is an evolutionary step forward from Wi-Fi 5 in that it allows multi-client transmissions in both the uplink and downlink directions. OFDMA multiplexes clients across frequency instead of spatial streams to allow for more concurrent users than MU-MIMO. BW1684-PCIEB supports 40MHz channels and IEEE standardized 1024-QAM modulation. These combined with a 4x longer OFDM symbol length,allow for a maximum PHY rate of 1.15Gbps.It is backward compatible to previous generations and supports MU-MIMO from Wi-Fi 5. Embedded hardware acceleration enables increased system performance and significant reduction in host-CPU utilization in both client and access point(AP) configurations.



· Wi-Fi 6 compliant.

· Single-band OFDMA allows for a higher density of simultaneous users.

· Quad-stream spatial multiplexing to 4.8Gbps data rate.

· Wi-Fi 6 4*4 40MHz channels.

· 1024-QAM modulation rates.

· 4*4 MU-MIMO on 40MHz channels.

· Supports RangeBoost technology.

· Support LDPC in both TX and RX for increased wireless coverage.

· 3+1 DSP-based Spectrum Capture and Zero Wait DFS.

· Supports Digital Pre-Distortion(DPD),which reduces power consumption and improves Band Edge performance.

· Wi-Fi 5 legacy compatibility with enhanced performance.

· Complies with PCI Express base specification revision 2.0.

· Supports Linux for access point and router applications.

· Comprehensive wireless network security support that includes WPA, WPA2, and AES encryption/decryption.

· Supports full-host CPU IEEE802.11 packet offload.

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