The BT5GMD-B47P module is built around Cypress CYW20730A2, a CortexTM M3 core, Bluetooth v5.1 compliant SoC. It carries the broadly adopted Bluetooth stack inherited from Broadcom (Cypress acquired Broadcom IoT business in July 2016). This module’s outstanding features include low power consumption,robust reliability, and the best interoperability with different iOS, Android, and Windows devices.BT5GMD-B47P is a market proven solution for the Bluetooth keyboard, mouse and other human input applications for PC, tablet, and smartphones.


2. Features

· Programmable key-scanning interface, up to 8 x 20 matrix

· Triaxial quadrature signal decoder

· Shutter control for 3D glasses

· Infrared modulator

· Adaptive frequency hopping

· Fast connect or re-connect

· Excellent receiver sensitivity

· Support Bluetooth HID profile V1.0 and V1.1

· Support Device ID Profile V1.3

· Firmware over-the-air (OTA) upgrade

· Bluetooth specification V5.1 compliant


3. Applications

· Wireless keyboard

· Wireless mouse

· Joystick

· 3D glasses

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