Wi-Fi6 CPE

1. Descriptions

The BW1755-MOD module is a complete dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) IEEE 802.11ax 2 × 2 compliant MAC/PHY/Radio System-on-a-Module. It utilizes the latest 802.11ax OFDMA WLAN radio technology that enables low power, small size, multi-gigabit access point and repeaters for residential, service provider gateways, or whole home repeater applications. The BW1755-MOD module features aqual-core 1.5GHz ARM Cortex CPU with dual 802.11ax two spatial stream 2 × 2 WLAN Radios and integrated 802.3 compliant Gigabit PHY.


2. Features

·   Supports 12V power supplies with internal switching regulator

·   Quad Core ARM-7 with 32KB I/D caches and 512KB L2 cache

·   Integrated 8Gb NAND flash (Optional)

·   eMMC support of 4GB to 64GB devices

·   IEEE 802.3 compliant Gigabit PHY

·   I2C general purpose management interface

·   UART interface

·  One USB3.1 Gen1 port

·  One USB2.0 Gen1 port

·  RGMII or HSGMII support

·  PCM interface supporting up to 16 TDM channels and 32 time slots

·  I2S interface supporting master and slave clock source modes

·  Comprehensive wireless network security support that includes WPA, WPA2, and AES encryption/decryption

·  Supports Linux for access point and router applications

·  228-Pin LGA package

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