1. Descriptions

The module is designed based on Cypress CYW20706 chip. The module size is 12.2mm*21mm*2.85mm (WLH).
This module is designed with Cypress CYW20706.
The module design contains the basic peripheral circuit of the chip, 20MHz crystal, 4Mbit SPI Flash. The module is designed with a shielding cover, a 2.4G PCB antenna is built-in, and it is designed with a stamp hole, which is convenient for secondary development. The module has a total of 30 pins and 11 GPIO. It can support 1×I2S/PCM interface, 4×PWM interface, 1×PUART interface, 6×10bit ADC interface.


2. Features

·  Bluetooth specification v5.0 compliant

· Support Bluetooth 3.0+EDR and Bluetooth 4.2(Bluetooth Low Energy)Dual‐Mode

· Excellent receiver sensitivity,RX sensitivity≦-96dB(LE GFSK, 0.1% BER, 1 Mbps)

· Programmable output power control,the Transmitting power of classic Bluetooth can be up to 12dBm, Transmitting power of BLE can be up to 9dBm

· Multi-connections: 6×SPP devices and 2×GATT devices concurrent connects

· Support FW OTA Via the app and UART.


3. Applications

· Bluetooth SPP or Bluetooth Low Energy to RS232 (RS483) serial data conversion

· Bluetooth wireless data transmission

· Medical and industrial telemetry

· Portable printers

· Barcode scanning devices

· Mobile POS devices

· Smart appliances

· Industrial automation

· Custom Bluetooth audio devices

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