TG7120-6 Bluetooth module

Chip: Tmall TG7120B
Size: 15.3mm * 8.5mm
Applicable: electrical lighting/bath heater/heater/electric curtain/lifting table, etc

Hardware model: TG7120-6
Communication Protocol: Bluetooth5
Docking Ecology: Tmall/Swallow

main advantages

Ultra-low power consumption: sleep power consumption is only0.5uA, and the standby power consumption of the network is only 40uA(DTIM10)

Ultra-fast connection: Cold start fast connection only.70ms

ultra-long distance: transmit power up21dBm, sensitivity-90dBm, one more wall

High security: supports secure startup, secure debugging,AES 128/192/256 encryption engine, WPA3, MD5, SHA-1/224/256, PKA (RSA/ECC) encryption engine

supportWi-Fi and Bluetooth LE


TG7120-6 module is designed based on a new generation of intelligent high integration Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE combination chip TG7100C. The wireless subsystem includes 2.4G RF, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and LE baseband/MAC designs. The microcontroller subsystem contains a low-power 32-bit RISC CPU, cache and memory. The power management unit provides flexible settings to realize low power consumption mode and supports a variety of safety functions. The design of DIP pin welding method for TGW202-6 module is especially convenient for the application of small-sized lamps. The module leads out the antenna pad to facilitate structural design. Support I2C control or support up to three PWM outputs at the same time, which can realize simple and fast access to Tmall Genie ecology.

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