RB8762-25 Bluetooth module

chip: RTL8762
Size: 12.2mm * 19mm
Applicable: gateway/switch/lighting/household appliances/MESH networking scene, etc.

Hardware model: RB8762-25
Communication protocol: Bluetooth5.0
Docking Ecology: Jinshan

main advantages

Ultra-low power consumption and intelligencePMUSupports Bluetooth5Core specifications

support2Mbps LE

Supports multi-level low-energy states


supportLEData length extension

supportOTAprogramming mechanism to upgrade firmware


RB8762-25Bluetooth module is based onRealtek RTL8762CMFdesigned,RTL8762CMFis used for Bluetooth5.0low energy consumption applications. It combines leading RF transceivers with low power consumptionARM Cortex-M4F's excellent performance, as well as rich and powerful support functions and peripherals. EmbeddedARM Cortex-M4F 32bitCPUhas one32bit16instruction set.

extension (Thumb-28technology), providing high density code and small memory footprint.ARMCortex-M4Fby using32bit single-period multiplier,3-stage pipeline and nested vector interrupt controllers (NVIC) to make the execution of the program simple and efficient.

RB8762-25modules are mainly composedPCBantenna,40MHzcrystal andRTL8762CMF BLEchip consists of three parts. All module materials can withstand105℃ is very suitable for lamps or other occasions with high temperature requirements.

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