WW2800-22P Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Module

Chip: Tmall TG7101C
Size: 6mm * 24mm
Applicable: electrical lighting/bath heater/heater/electric curtain/lifting table, etc

Hardware model: WW2800-22P
Communication protocol: 2.4GWiFi Bluetooth4.2
Docking Ecology: Tmall/Swallow

main advantages

support150local commands are offline3-5meter far field recognition

support RTOSlightweight system

provides simplicity-friendly customized tools

can be quickly deployed to different terminal products



WW2800-22Pis based on Ali PingtouTG7101CembeddedWi-Fi/Bluetooth dual-mode intelligent voiceIoTchip. Support2.4G IEEE802.11b/g/n Wi-Ficommunication protocol; supportBT/BLEDual mode.BT/BLE4.2agreement. Chip integration32bitCPUprocessor, built-inUART,GPIO,SPI,SDIO,I2C,I2S,7816,ADCand other peripheral interfaces.TEEThe security engine supports multiple hardware encryption and decryption algorithms.DSP, a floating-point computing unit, and a security engine. It supports code security permissions, and supports multiple security measures such as firmware encryption storage, firmware signature, security debugging, and security upgrade to ensure product security features. Relying on the accumulation of voice recognition technology and the continuous optimization and innovation of algorithms, the local recognition algorithm and chip architecture are deeply integrated to provide customersTurnkeySpeech recognition scheme.


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