V615 pure offline voice module

chip: Yunzhisheng Hummingbird M
Size: 16mm * 18mm
Applicable: bath heater/heater/electric curtain/lifting table/drying rack/range hood/children's desk lamp, etc

Hardware model: V615
Communication Protocol: Pure Offline Voice
Docking Ecology: Cloud Sound

main advantages

Offline speech recognition, which can be supported at most150command words

module5meters.97%,10meter ultra-long distance speech recognition can also work normally.

module is simple. The module is designed with an audio amplifier, and the periphery only needs a microphone and speaker to work normally.

A wide range of module interfaces, including1roadUART,9roadIOInterface (Reuse),2roadPWM. The module can be used in patches or welded pins as plug-ins, which is convenient for debugging and upgrading. It is a low-cost and cost-effective module.



V615 module is aimed at a large number of pure offline control scenarios and products. The latest low-cost pure offline speech recognition chip module has accumulated in speech recognition technology and continuous optimization and innovation of algorithms. The offline recognition algorithm is deeply integrated with the chip architecture. Customers provide ultra-low-cost offline speech recognition solutions, which can be widely and quickly applied to smart homes, various smart small appliances, 86 boxes, toys, lamps and other products that require voice control.

The module chip uses 32bit RSICarchitecture kernel, and added specifically for signal processing and speech recognitionDSPThe instruction set that supports floating-point operations.FPUarithmetic units, andFFTaccelerator. The programme supports150Local commands are offline identified.RTOSlightweight system with rich peripheral interfaces and simple and friendly customized tools.

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