TGB1202-25 Bluetooth module

Chip: Tmall TG7100B
Size: 14.5mm * 21mm
Applicable: electrical lighting/bath heater/heater/electric curtain/lifting table, etc

Hardware model: TGB1202-25
Communication Protocol: Bluetooth5
Docking Ecology: Tmall/Swallow

main advantages

Ultra-low power consumption, high performance, wireless multimode

Supports Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0characteristics

UART,PWM,ADC,I2C,SPI,GPIOand other rich hardware interfaces

can be implementedsimple and fast access to Tmall Genie ecology


TGB1202-25module is based on Bluetooth5.0chipTG7100B. It is a Bluetooth wireless communication module that realizes ultra-low power Internet of Things. Bluetooth chip in the moduleARM® Cortex-M0 32-bit processor512KB Flashand138KB SRAM, with ultra-low power consumption, high performance and wireless multimode characteristics.TGB1202-25module design includes the peripheral basic circuit of Bluetooth chip, and the module is designed as the interface mode of mail hole, which is very convenient for customers to design and use. The module supports Bluetooth Low Energy5.0features, includingUART,PWM,ADC,I2C,SPI,GPIOand other rich hardware interfaces can realize simple and fast access to Tmall Genie ecology.

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