TGW206-16 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Module

Chip: Tmall TG7100C
Size: 16mm * 24mm
Applicable: electrical lighting/bath heater/heater/electric curtain/lifting table, etc

Hardware model: TGW206-16
Communication protocol: 2.4GWiFi Bluetooth5
Docking Ecology: Tmall/Swallow

main advantages

Ultra-low power consumption: sleep power consumption is only 0.5uA.40uA(DTIM10)

Ultra-fast connection: Cold start fast connection only.70ms

ultra-long distance: maximum transmit power 21dBm, sensitivity-98dBm, penetrate one more wall

High security: supports secure startup, secure debugging,AES 128/192/256Encryption engine,WPA3,MD5,SHA-1/224/256,PKA(RSA/ECC) Encryption engine

support Wi-FiandBluetooth LEcoexistence


TGW206-16is a new generation of intelligent high integrationWi-FiandBluetooth LEcombination chip. The wireless subsystem includes2.4Gradio frequency,Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/nandBLEbaseband/MACdesign. The microcontroller subsystem contains a low power consumption32bitRISC CPU, cache and memory. The power management unit provides flexible settings to realize low power consumption mode and supports a variety of safety functions.

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