BB1735-46 Bluetooth module

chip: Infineon20735
Size: 17mm * 13.5mm * 2.0mm
Applicable: gamepad/mouse/wireless keyboard/smart appliance/voice remote control

Hardware model: BB1735-46
Low power mode: Bluetooth Bluetooth Low Energe
Bluetooth standard: Bluetooth 5.1

main advantages

BLEGrid function: Air (0TA) The upgrade exceeds the grid.

programmable8×8Key scan matrix

assistanceADCda15analog channels

Supports adaptive frequency hopping (AFH)


This module surroundsCypressmeansCYW20735B1design, compatible with Bluetooth5.0.96mhz CortexTM M4core.ultra-low power consumptionSoC. It has built-in2mbROM, store Bluetooth stack and uninstall flash memory. It has on the chip384 KBRAMto support the operation of large application code. The module integrates a4mbitspi flashto store application code. This architecture is adopted by customersover-airupgrading and expanding application code size provides good flexibility.

CYW20735B1provides excellent distance performance, whichClas 1transmit power up12dBm, which is inBLE-93 dBm. The module has a built-in library to support BluetoothSIG BLE Mesh. ItsRAMand flash size can support all node roles defined as friends, agents, relays, or low-power nodes. It can also support advanced functions, including supply over grid,OTAexceeds the grid. Together with this module,iOSorAndroidmobile phone applications can be provided with this module to demonstrate typicalSIGgrid lighting control function.

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