BT3GMD-B47P Bluetooth module

chip: BCM20730A1
Dimensions: 28.5mm(L) * 15mm(W) * 1.9mm(H)
Applicable: gamepad/mouse/wireless keyboard/voice remote control

Hardware model: BT3GMD-B47P
Low power mode: support
Bluetooth standard: Bluetooth 3.0

main advantages

excellent reception sensitivity

Supports adaptive frequency hopping

Support enhanced function control

OTAfirmware upgrade

Supports Bluetooth HID 1.0and BluetoothHID 1.1 Profile


BT3GMD-B47Pmodule is based onCYW20730chip development, fully compliant with Bluetooth3.0specification, firmware can be changed according to customer requirements, and is an ideal solution for Bluetooth mouse and other Bluetooth human-computer interaction application markets. The solution using this module has the characteristics of low power consumption, low cost and high stability.

module include the Bluetooth main chip,24Mhzcrystal oscillator andEEPROM, an external antenna is required. Main BluetoothICprocessor has a maximum frequency48MhzARM®CortekTM-M3, the chip has a separate baseband processor and2.4Gtransceiver.

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