BT5GMD-B47P Bluetooth module

chip: BCM20730A2
Dimensions: 28.5mm(L) * 15mm(W) * 1.9mm(H)
Applicable: gamepad/mouse/wireless keyboard/voice remote control

Hardware model: BT5GMD-B47P
Low power mode: support
Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth5.0

main advantages

excellent reception sensitivity

Supports BluetoothHIDconfiguration fileV1.0andV1.1

Supported devicesIDconfiguration fileV1.3

OTAfirmware upgrade

Bluetooth specificationV5.1compatibility


The module surrounds (Cypress*C Yw20730A2, BT5GMD-B47PCortexTMbuildM3The kernel is compatible with Bluetooth.v5.1SoC. It carried fromBroadcom(Cypress in20167BroadcomThis module is built-in.2.4 GHz PCBantenna, which makes it easy to implement on the product board. The module can be via BluetoothSIGpre-certification to facilitate customers to certify their products.

CYW20730in its320KB ROM60KB RAM.BT5GMD-B47Pprovides a rich set of peripheral interfaces, includingSPI,I2C,UART, infrared emission and reception, for matrix scanninggpio.

module automatically scans the buttons pressed and ejected and stores them in the cache register without microprocessing intervention. The button scan unit is controlled by a state machine and includes three states: idle, scan and scan end.

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