NT5GMD-B47P Bluetooth module

chip: nRF52832
Dimensions: 28.5mm(L) * 15mm(W) * 1.9mm(H)
Applicable: gamepad/mouse/wireless keyboard/voice remote control

Hardware model: NT5GMD-B47P
Low power mode: Bluetooth Low Energe
Bluetooth standard: Bluetooth 5.1

main advantages

Comply with the Bluetooth core specificationv5.0andLE 2-Mbpssupport

can be supported.2timesI2Ccompatible2-line master-slave machine

Supports concurrent multi-protocol

Supports adaptive frequency hopping (AFH)


This module surroundsNORDICsnRF52832design, compatible with Bluetooth5.0,64mhz CortexM M4core, ultra-low power consumptionSoC. It has built-in256KBor512KBflash memory: can store Bluetooth stack and reduce the use of flash memory. It has on the chip32KBor64KBRAMto support the operation of large application code.nRF52832is based on flash memorysocis an ideal device firmware update (DFU).DFUbrings complete flexibility and control to the firmware running in this module. This module integrates10-LEDdrives andGPIOcontrollerAW9110B. This architecture isIOresources provide good flexibility.

This module integrates an invertedfcurvePCBantenna to save cost and customer's efforts to match external antenna.nRF52832provides excellent distance performance,2transmit power is as high4 dBm, inBLE-90 dBmis the best in its class. It can also be carried by onboardPCBantenna to the external antenna.

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