BW1360-PCIE Wi-Fi module

Chip: Broadcom BCM4360
Size: 50.8mm * 29.85mm * 3.6mm
Applicable: Router/OTT/IPTV, etc

Hardware model: BW1360-PCIE
Platform Support: Broadcom BCM72xx Series
System support: Linux/Win

main advantages



BCM4360 3x3solution

MIMO 3*3technology, antenna port data rate up1.3Gbps


BW1360-PCIEis a dual-frequency (2.4 GHzand5 GHz)IEEE 802.11ac3×3compatibilityMAC/sports/broadcast completes the system on a chip. This device supports allWLANmarket developmentpcieW802.1lac Draft WLANclient and router subsystem solutions, you can usebroadcomMIMOsolutions.

MIMO, information is simultaneously transmitted and received on two or more antennas using the same frequency band, thereby providing greater range and increasing throughput while maintaining the same as traditionalIEEE 802.11a/ B /g/ndevice compatibility. TheBCM4360supportIEEE 802.11acdraft standards, improved5 ghzThe data transmission rate in the band.

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