BW2569-DB Wi-Fi Dongle

Chip: Broadcom BCM43569
Size: 60mm * 15mm * 8.1mm
Applicable: STB/PC, etc.

Hardware model: BW2569-DB
Platform Support: Broadcom BCM72xx Series
System support: Linux

main advantages

Comply with the Bluetooth core specification4.0 HSversion of the regulations to support future specifications.

Bluetooth1class or2-like transmitter operation

Adaptive frequency hopping (AFH) to reduce radio frequency interference.

USB 2.0Full speed (12Mbps) supports Bluetooth handheld devices.

Advanced audio distribution profiles that support multiple synchronization (A2DP) stereo sound

Supports various RF frontend architectures


BW2569-USBDIntegrated dual-band (2.4 GHZand5 GHZ)Wi-Fi2*2 MIMOMAC/PHY/Radio System. This oneWi-Fidongle equipment provides a high level of dual flowIEEE802.11ac MAC/baseband radio and Bluetooth4.0 HSIntegration. InIEEE802.11acmode,WLAN20mhz,40mhzand80mhzchannelMCS0-MCS9(Maximum256qam). The data rate is as high as the data rate.867mbps. In addition, allIEEE 802. Support11a/ B /g/n/acThe rate.

BW2569-USBDrealizes highly complex hardware mechanisms and algorithms for enhanced collaborative coexistence to ensureWLANand Bluetooth collaborate to achieve the best performance.

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