BW2570-PCIE Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Module

Chip: Broadcom BCM43570
Size: 29.8mm * 26.8mm * 4.1mm
Applicable: Router/OTT/ IPTV, etc

Hardware model: BW2570-PCIE
Platform Support: Broadcom BCM72xx Series
System support: Linux/Win

main advantages

integrated power amplifier and low noise amplifier with two frequency bands

supportPCIe Gen2, but the maximum transmission speed is upGen1.

Dual-band, radio system-level module

Supports allIEEE 802.11a/ B /g/nrate


bw2570 pciemodule is a complete dual-frequency (2.4 GHzand5 GHz)Wi-Fi2×2 MIMO MAC/PHY/Radio system-on-a. It provides a combination with ShuangliuIEEE 802.11ac MAC/baseband/Radio and Bluetooth4.1Enhanced data rate (EDR). InIEEE 802.1lacmode,WLAN20mhz,40MHzand80mhzchannelMCS0-MCS9rate (maximum256gam), the data rate is as high867mbpS. In addition, allIEEE 802.11a/ B /g/nThe rate.

bw2570 PClemodule is integratedUSB2.0(Bluetooth),PCle(Wi-Fi. For the Bluetooth part, the host interface isusb2.0Full speed (12mbps).

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