CW2455-44 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Module

Chip: Infineon CYW43455
Size: 12mm * 12mm * 1.65mm
Applicable: IPC,/Tablet/Smart appliances/Network devices/Other multimedia devices

Hardware model: CW2455-44
Platform support: Amlogic S905X/L series/S805Y/Rockchip 33xx/34xx series
System support: Android/Linux/RTOS

main advantages

supports battery voltage ranges from3.2V4.8V

support1T1RTechnology and Bluetooth


Adaptive frequency hopping (AFH) to reduce radio frequency interference.

Low Power Consumption to Improve Battery Life


CW2455-44module is a complete dual-frequency (2.4 GHzand5 GHz)Wi-Fi1×1 MAC/baseband/radio system module. It provides the highest level of integration for IoT applications of handheld wireless systems. InIEEE 802.11acmode,WLANsupport20mhz,40MHzand80mhzchannelMCSO-MCS9rate (maximum256qam), the data rate is as high433.3 Mbps. In addition, allIEEE 802.11a/ B /g/nThe rate.

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