RW10BX-18P Wi-Fi module

Chip: Realtek RTL8710BX
Size: 16mm * 16mm * 2.8mm
Applicable: IPC,/Tablet/Smart appliances/Network devices/Other multimedia devices, etc

Hardware model: RW10BX-18P
Wi-Fi:n/g/ B
System support: Linux/Win/RTOS

main advantages

802.11b/g/ n WLANcompatibility

802.11e QoSenhancement (WMM)

802.11me (WPA WPA2) Open, shared key, and paired key authentication services,wifi WPSsupport

Wireless networks directly support lightweight



RW10BX-18Pmodule is a highly integrated monolithic low power consumption802.11nWLAN (WLAN) Network controller. It willARM-CM4 MCU, wireless local area networkMAC.1T1R's WLAN baseband and RF are integrated on one chip. It also provides a set of configurablegpio, configure digital peripherals for different applications and controls.

RW10BX-18Pmodule also integrates internal memory to achieve a completeWIFIThe protocol function. Embedded memory configuration provides simple application development.

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