ZW1200-37P Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Module

chip: Dialog DA16200
Size: 22.1mm * 13.8mm * 3.3mm
Applicable: Doorlock/Lighting Control/IPC/Smart appliances, etc

Hardware model: ZW1200-37P
Platform support: Amlogic S905X/L series/S805Y/Rockchip 33xx/35xx series
System support: RTOS

main advantages

highly integrated ultra-low power consumptionWi-Fichip system

best RF performance

Supports multiple interfaces

Built-in hardware encryption engine to improve security


ZW1200-37Pis a fully integratedWi-Fimodule has ultra-low power consumption, best RF performance and easy development environment. This low-power operation can extend battery life by up to one year or more depending on the application.

This series includesDA16200 SoC,40MHzcrystal oscillator,32.768KHz RTCclock,RFaggregateRFfilter, flash memory and chip antenna oru.FLconnector.ZW1200-37Pseries has chip antenna type (ZW1200-37PA) andu.FLConnector Type (ZW1200-37PB) external antenna.

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