Zhongyi Tengda has launched two modules to solve the Bluetooth man-machine input solution for you!

in the era of science and technology, many things are becoming more and more intelligent. In daily life, whether it is office or entertainment, consumers' acceptance of wireless devices is also getting higher and higher. For this reason, Zhongyi Tengda has launched two modules to solve Bluetooth man-machine input solutions.

Zhongyi Tengda's man-machine input solution supports many types of products, including Bluetooth headset, voice keyboard, voice mouse, MFi Lightning Bluetooth keyboard, etc.


BT5GMD-B47P is designed based on Cypress CYW20730A2. It is a Cortex TM M3 core, SoC conforming to Bluetooth 5.1 standard. The features of the module include low power consumption, high stability, and excellent interoperability on different operating platforms (IOS,Android,Windows) devices.

chip features

programmable key scanning interface, maximum support for 8*20 rules; Infrared modulator; Shutter control of 3D glasses; Fast connection or reconnection; Support bluetooth HID protocols C1.0 and V1.1; Conform to bluetooth specification V5.1; Support adaptive frame skipping.

chip advantage

three-axis quadrature signal decoder; On-chip power-on reset (POR); Firmware Air Upgrade (OTA); Excellent reception sensitivity.

BT5GMD-B26P is a Bluetooth human-machine interface device (HID) based on the Cypress CYW20730BGA(BCM20130BAG) Bluetooth 5.0 specification basic rate compatible independent baseband processor, with an integrated 2.4GHz transceiver.
chip features
programmable key scanning matrix interface, up to 3 × 3 key scanning matrix; Compatible with Bluetooth HID profile version 1.0; Compatible with Bluetooth device ID profile version 1.3; Compatible with Bluetooth AVRCP-CT profile version 1.3; Support serial peripheral interface (SPI) on chip; Programmable output power control meets level 2 or level 3 requirements; Support adaptive frame skipping (AFH).
chip advantage
Based on integrated ARM CortexTM-M3; On-chip power-on reset (POR); Excellent reception sensitivity; Compatible with Bluetooth specification 3.0, including enhanced power control.

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Company introduction

Shenzhen Zhongyitengda Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 (in December 2013, it was officially renamed "Shenzhen Zhongyitengda Technology Co., Ltd." and was listed on the New Third Board on August 12, 2014. Its stock code is 830982, hereinafter referred to as "Zhongyitengda"). It is a high-tech industry focusing on providing perception fusion technology and information transmission scheme. Committed to providing customers with perceptual fusion schemes based on sensor technology and edge technology, as well as information transmission schemes based on wireless communication technologies such as Wi-Fi,Bluetooth,Cat-1, etc. Provide services for customers to realize human-computer interaction products, smart home products and industrial interconnection products. The company is a national high-tech enterprise and a double soft enterprise, and is also a high-end short-range wireless communication equipment engineering technology research center in Guangdong Province.

has long been committed to the application research and development of perception fusion technology and wireless communication technology and related personnel training. Through technical cooperation with upstream chip suppliers, it provides complete product solutions or application solutions for manufacturers and brand manufacturers of different sizes; at the same time, it can provide personalized hardware according to customer requirements for terminal equipment of different specifications and performance And software solutions to simplify the customer's product development process; shorten the development cycle, make the technology productization and modularization, it is convenient for downstream product manufacturers to launch relevant products to meet market demand in the shortest possible time.
Zhongyi Tengda, with the professional spirit of striving for perfection and challenging the limit, has continuously explored and innovated, and is determined to become a professional solution provider of perception fusion technology and wireless communication technology in the global market. Click on the right end of the menu bar to contact us.
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