Zhongyi Tengda Launches Intelligent Light Belt Solution, Glorious Life Only One Step!

as early as 2019, OFWEEK Industry Research Center predicted that China's LED general lighting market demand is expected to reach 22 billion US dollars in 2021, and smart lighting control is expected to account for 30% of the total demand in the next 10 years.

LED controller is the central nerve of intelligent lighting and will play an important role in the intelligent network platform to realize more applications and functions of the Internet of Things. In the environment where lighting technology is highly integrated with the Internet, Internet of Things and cloud technology, intelligent lighting will be widely popularized, which is the general trend of the future LED market.

the Rise of Intelligent Lighting Industry
At present, Zhongyi Tengda focuses on the research and development, design and production of application solutions for intelligent lighting, smart home and smart electronic and electrical products.Among them, Zhongyi Tengda's self-developed magic color light belt solution is connected to the graffiti intelligent ecology and supports a variety of intelligent services. It can also meet the landing of indoor, outdoor, household, commercial and other all-round scenes. It has the characteristics of novel function, high playability and strong practicability.

intelligent light belt can create more convenient and comfortable life experience for users through intelligent means, and can realize intelligent control of home lighting equipment,has the functions of light brightness adjustment, light timing control, scene setting, etc.

Smart Light Belt Series Scene 1 "Watching Movies" and "Meeting Guests"

watch a movie, just click on the "watching" scene to automatically turn off some lights in the living room and adjust the light to the most comfortable brightness. When you need to receive visitors, click on the "receiving visitors" scene to enter the receiving mode.

User Experience: Intelligent lighting can control and skillfully integrate intelligent control functions such as the exchange of scenes such as light and shade changes of various lights, the changes of electric curtains, the changes of background music and the switching of different scenes of electrical appliances, so that the home can change from static to the system to better serve us.

Smart Light Belt Series Scene 2 Party

constantly changes the cold, warm, bright and dark colors of the lights and the changing rhythm, instantly ignites the atmosphere of the whole space and captures the visual focus of the whole field, creating a light, flexible and exquisite spatial context.

User Experience: Shining lamp beads, such as stars in the night sky, are applied to the festival smoking environment, which is perfect, and can remotely control the switch and color of the lamp strip to easily control the festival atmosphere.

Smart Light Strip Series Scenario 3 Business Scenario

in concerts, festivals, parties and other scenes, connect microphones, let the lights follow the rhythm of the music, change colors, and drive the audience to turn the audience.

user experience: the control of the whole activity is especially convenient, which not only brings different viewing experience to the audience, but also reduces the loss of characters and material resources.users can easily control through APP, remote controller and intelligent audio.light belt can not only support the traditional local magic color effect, but also users can program DIY control the light belt to achieve their ideal magic color effect.

in terms of music rhythm, on the premise of the existing intelligent rhythm light band effect, a music rhythm compensation algorithm is added, and the local microphone that collects sound adapts the sound distance, so that the sound can present the coolest lighting effect regardless of the distance.

This scheme is not only suitable for upgrading the traditional magic color light belt scheme, but also can be used for intelligent lighting products such as TV light belt and Christmas tree light belt.

At the same time, Zhongyi Tengda can provide a variety of interactivity according to market demand.and good performance controls the light belt through various operation modes such as mobile phone App, physical keys, infrared remote controller, voice control, etc. to create an all-round smart home life.

Opportunities and Challenges

intelligent lighting has added a lot of excitement to human life and also brought unprecedented opportunities to the traditional lighting industry, most traditional manufacturers are still facing the problem of intelligent transformation.

Zhongyitengda can connect the magic color lamp belt to various open ecology to realize intelligent upgrade and integrated control of equipment. With the ability support of partners, Zhongyi Tengda can provide personalized IoT solutions for different customers and shorten the development process.

With its rich experience in the field of interpersonal interaction and wireless communication, the existing industrial chain covers electrical lighting, security sensing, large and small household appliances, personal health care and other categories, and will extend to intelligent office, intelligent agriculture, intelligent pension, intelligent travel, intelligent logistics, digital new infrastructure and other fields in the future.

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